2019 Wedding Trends

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Congratulations on your engagement!  2019 is a year of unique and individual style in all categories!  From wedding party attire and décor to invitations, videography, food and flowers.  Here are some new trends to be super-hot in 2019!

With wedding invitations, you will see vivid watercolors such as purples and blues, pinks and corals and soft pastels.  Navy is the new black for formal invitations.  Laser Cut continues to be an elegant favorite and Floral designs will be having your guests say, “Wow”! Visit Promiseswest.com to view these and the rest of our collection or if in the Los Angeles area call to come and see them in person.

Both bridesmaids and groomsmen will walk down the aisle in dresses and suits that are all different in style.  You will see different shades of color but will coordinate beautifully! For the women you will see gorgeous new styles and colors.  We’ll see more dark colors, bright colors along with soft pastel colors.  Sage & burnt orange will be a popular combination walking down the aisle along with dusty rose, mist and jewel tones.  Bridesmaid jumpsuits and bohemian dresses will also be a new look flowing down the aisle.  For the men there will be a heavier focus on tailored fits and pops of color. Checkered patterns, floral prints, and polka dots are just a few styles popping up more and more!

Centerpieces will have lots of greenery.  Bringing nature in with all shades of green hues and with accents of bordeau and champagne.  Couples will be walking through gorgeous greenery arches with floral accents.

Wishing you the most glorious day on your 2019 wedding!!

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